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If every employee is different, why should we manage them the same?

We provide managers practical, personalized, effective and simple ways to solve interpersonal challenges.

Empowering human differences.

All human beings are different from each other in some sense. We believe that human diversity is a gift if you know how to turn it into one.

The key to managerial success is understanding how you and your individual team members are different.
Once you know those gaps, you can embrace them and turn diversity into a gift.

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Loden, M. & Rosener, J. America! Managing Employee Diversity as a Vital Resource,” McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 1990

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Turn your workspace into a safe space.

We spend 1/3 of our time at work. That's approximately 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime.

So why not make our workspace a pleasant place to be?
A place that gives us a sense of belonging and allows us to express our desires, concerns and aspirations?
Employees thrive when they feel safe in their workspace, feel comfortable to express themselves and grow.

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Why Re?

Because we give our users exactly what they need.

Training programs are often laden with content that cannot really be put into practice.

Re listens to your challenges with a particular employee, and builds a personalized, tailor-made work plan that helps you bridge the gaps and create a healthy, long-lasting working relationship.

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How we do it
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Redefining the problem

Before we dive into the solution,
first we need to have a clear definition of the problem.

In any hierarchy, there are multiple sides to the same story. The reality is, both sides have truth to them.

Re identifies the gap “in between” the truths and helps managers and employees explore possible solutions.

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Reading the room

It’s really all about reading the room.

Using the Mentalization skills, Re allows you to recognize, understand and perceive internal and emotional states of yourself and others, regardless of how many differences there are between you.

Emotional states include: thoughts, needs, beliefs and desires. Correct and precise recognition of the situation is often the key for success.

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Resolving problems

Your problems, our goals. We’re here to solve your problems, simple as that.

Every time you turn to Re, you leave with a personalized practical work plan with context-related suggestions and custom-made ideas.

You are all set to go!

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Found a new communication path with your employee? 

Great! Time to move on to the next one!

With Re, you can learn new things and resolve problems with all your employees. We guide you on how to empower your workers, strengthen your relationship and maximize your business outcome. 


Each interaction with Re will take 5 minutes of your time and give you a lot of value.

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Our clients.

A great manager is a manager who always strives for improvement, and willing to step out of their comfort zone and acquire new tools in order to do so.
Read some of our inspiring costumer stories and what they have to say about Re.

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Dan, a junior director, strongly opposed the use of RE and thought it was a waste of time because he did not have diverse employees in his group. During the joint work he learned two things:

All employees are different, even if they look exactly the same, and using the tools RE provide helps him become a better manager.
Diversity can be an advantage when you have the right tools for inclusive managing.

Just 6 months after learning the approach and using the tools, Dan recruited 15% employees from a diverse background. He became active in organizational campaigns for protective recruitment and tried to actively find diverse talents to incorporate him into his team.

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Lina, a young and talented manager in a global company, had trouble managing older male employees. Using Re helped her realize two important insights:

There are many reasons that can lead to a certain kind of behavior, not all of them are known to us.
The more differences there are between you and the other, the more you get to challenge yourself and use a higher level of interpersonal skills.

After only several weeks of using RE, Lina felt much more confident using her managerial tools. The change in perception led to a change in the was things were conducted in the company, and created great satisfaction among the employees and managers.

User stories
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The scientific basis of our method

Re offers a solution that enables a redefinition of the problem and an improvement of
the management skills of the managers through Mentalization theory.

The theory focuses on developing the ability to reflect on the inner states of oneself and
the other, as a basis for developing and maintaining beneficial employment relationships,
and dealing with personal and interpersonal difficulties.

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Meet our team

Our story

We all once felt rejected, ostracized, out of place. The need for belonging develops from the very first stages of life, and stays with us for the rest of our lives. We founded RE in order to help people from all backgrounds fulfill their potential. We help managers understand, guide and communicate with every employee in the best way possible, regardless of their personal background or the level of resemblance. ‏

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Irit Hovich

Organizational consultant, certified psychotherapist and group facilitator.
18+ years practicing diversity and inclusion, developing and implementing inclusive management innovative methodologies and tools.

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Gal Inbar

Entrepreneur, business development & business planning expert.
Supporting growth and change management of early stage and middle market companies.

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Miri Marchant

Specializing in online content development & design. Consulting development and implementation of training solutions.

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