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Our story

We all once felt rejected, ostracized, out of place. The need for belonging develops from the very first stages of life, and stays with us for the rest of our lives. We founded RE in order to help people from all backgrounds fulfill their potential. We help managers understand, guide and communicate with every employee in the best way possible, regardless of their personal background or the level of resemblance. ‏

RE was founded after many years of working in the field of D&I and due to understanding that the solutions that exist today are simply not enough. ‏During the past few years and especially during the covid-19 crisis and the hybrid management reality we all face, inclusivity has become a super important managerial skill.

We wanted to create an accessible, science based, personalized and simple solution for managers and their employees.‏ So we paired with a fortune 500 hi-tech company and together we developed RE – a solution designed for managers in order to guide them and help them become more inclusive, minded and professional employers.

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